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Rotating ovens for bakeries Rotating ovens for bakeries Rotating ovens for bakeries
Avangarde rotating ovens
Avangarde rotating ovens

The Avangarde rotating ovens are extremely high quality products, made completely from stainless steel and adapted for installation in any bread making workshop.

The characteristics of rotating ovens Avangarde for bakeries can be summarised as follows:

• Convection cooking oven made from a single chamber with a rotating

• Constant distribution of air on the baking trays, which rotate continuously.

Robust, aesthetically refined, door with two point closing system and vertical

• Steel door fitted with two glass windows.

• The heat exchanger and a special air recirculation system blowing air through
   dampers allow optimum cooking of the product with minimum energy

• Stainless steel access ramp at reduced inclination.

• Trolley hooking system with upper hook or platform.

• The rotating system is made up of a motor and a preset torque limiter.

New steamer design ensuring plentiful supply of moist throughout the trolley.

• The feeding of water to the steamer occurs via a bronze solenoid valve.

Steam extractor located in the outer hood, which starts automatically on
   opening the door of the oven. The extractor can be activated manually by
   pressing the relevant button on the control panel. The rapid extraction of steam
   ensures a better drying of the product.

Energy saving is ensured due to the maximum insulation power of constant
   density mineral wool, which reduces heat inertia to the minimum.

• Electromechanical or electronic control panel (optional).

• It can be powered electrically or by the blown air gas (natural gas or LGP) or
   diesel burner located on the left side.

• The armoured electrical resistances are fed alternatively so that
   temperature is kept constant using an amount of power lower than the total.



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