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Essential for mood, they help memory, attention and concentration: carbohydrates are good allies for your health. A common food such as bread may, therefore, help to maintain the body functions regular: loaves, baguettes and rosettes, as well as providing a good dose of energy needed to face the day, help prevent constipation and osteoporosis, take under restraint diabetes and cholesterol.
In high stressed moments and in case of particular mental efforts complex carbohydrates, being "ready energy", give the correct charge without requiring excessive consumption of oxygen.
A diet that eliminates all the complex carbohydrates, typical of bread, makes the brain less reactive. In fact, the carbohydrates contained in this food are transformed into glucose, which is the best fuel for muscles and brain.

Glucose also promotes serotonin synthesis in brain, a neurotransmitter that gives the typical feeling of wellbeing. Today, in order to have the taste and the benefits of a simple food like bread, CAD proposes Progress Electric Modular Deck Ovens. The small size makes them ideal for the production of all baked products, with the possibility of performing different cooking programmes at the same time: from bread large size (such as the bread of Puglia, Tuscany, etc.), sandwiches, focaccia and farinata

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