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David Progress modular deck electric ovens

Resistant, versatile, perfect for cooking all bakery products: Progress electric modular deck ovens are high quality products whose running costs are similar to those of gas ovens. These ovens can provide uniform cooking with low energy consumption. The excellence and reliability of Progress ovens are the result of the research carried out by the international team of Cad technicians and developers who are always aware of the new market trends and client needs.

The characteristics of Progress bakery ovens can be summarised as follows:

• Maximum accuracy of the electronic control of temperature.
• Large consumer economy due to the special insulation, heat distribution
  (diffusers) and inlet compensator.
• Low consumption: 1 kw/h per each 60x40 baking tray.
Robust and long-lasting (resistances completely separated from the
• Interior and exterior made of stainless steel.
• Lighting with dichroic lamps.
Mobile due to wheels.
Modular with up to five possible modules.
• Simple and rapid installation.
Highly adaptable, refractory or stainless steel cooking surface and steamer for
  bread making.



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