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David World
David world: economical, space-saving and gluten free ovens

Compact size and high performance at affordable prices: these features characterise the David World gluten free ovens, the pride and joy of Cad S.r.l. These in-built ovens are available in Euro 1 88x62 cm format (internal size 63x45 cm) and Euro 4 98x88 cm format (internal size 66x66 cm), in brushed steel and with a stacking single baking chamber oven which ensures the uniform cooking of gluten free products. The versatility and reduced size allow this professional oven to be specially tailored to gluten free products which cannot enter into contact or be cooked with traditional foods. Ideal for pizzerias, bakeries, confectionery and food businesses and shops, the Euro 4 version has the extraordinary capacity of holding 4 pizzas; Euro 1 is an economic and versatile oven which, due to its size, is also suitable to non-professional use and for great home cooking. Cad S.r.l. offers advice and support service to help tailor the gluten free corner to your needs, also in collaboration with the best companies in the sector.

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