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The confectionery ovens by David are: David Progress modular deck electric ovens, Avangarde rotating ovens, David World electric ovens.

Progress electric static ovens for confectionery are high quality and high performance and ensure products which are soft, rich in flavour and aroma. The whole cooking surface is uniform, a feature which makes these ovens particularly suitable for the preparation of cream puffs, sponge cakes, brioches and biscuits. Up to 10 different cooking programmes can be set for each baking chamber, and the size is also versatile: the internal height ranges from 15 cm to 18 or 25 cm (for some models it can even reach 30 cm) to ensure ideal cooking for every type of product including those which rise such as fairy cakes, muffins and sponge cakes, etc.

The Avangarde rotating ovens due to a constant and uniform air flow ensure that even large quantity production do not lack softness and aroma.

David Progress modular deck electric ovens, oven for confectionery, ovens for confectionary products, DAVID ovens

David Progress modular deck electric ovens

Avangarde rotating ovens, rotating ovens for confectionary, ovens pastry-making, DAVID ovens

Avangarde rotating

David World electric ovens, electric ovens for confectioneries, confectionery machines, DAVID ovens

David World electric ovens

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