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Electric pizzas ovens Electric pizzas ovens
Ovens for pizzerias
Ovens for pizzerias

The ovens for pizzeria by David ovens are: David Progress modular deck electric ovens and David World electric ovens.

Progress ovens for pizzerias are highly versatile and ensure excellent results, even under conditions of intensive use. Their capacity ranges from 4 to 16 pizzas per chamber (from 2 to 6 60 x 40 baking trays per chamber). Modular ovens are composed of modular units, up to five chambers, and additional chambers can be added even after some years. The major Italian franchising chains choose to use these ovens due to their being user-friendly, their flexibility and extreme reliability. They are suitable for cooking all types of pizza and the exclusive resistances ensure the products the same quality as products baked in wood ovens, with running costs similar to those of gas ovens.

David Progress modular deck electric ovens, pizzeria ovens, electric pizzas ovens, DAVID ovens

David Progress modular deck electric ovens

David World electric ovens, ovens for pizzerias, electric oven for pizza, DAVID ovens

David World electric ovens

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