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The renowned pizza margherita, one of the symbol of the Italian foods taste, was born in Naples in 1889, when Raffaele Esposito, Neapolitan pizza chef, offered Queen Margaret, the wife of Umberto I of Savoy, the specialty of the house.

Red tomato, white mozzarella, green basil: pizza margherita, which took the name of the reigning House of Savoy, represents the Italian flag and was created to pay homage to the Lady of Italy.

That day the pizza chef Raffaele and his wife Maria Giovanna Brandi had prepared several dishes to satisfy the kingly palate of Your Majesty, but the Northern Queen, born in Piemonte, preferred the round and crisp dough to all those delicious dishes.
Beautiful, blonde, married at 17 with his cousin, Queen Margaret ate pizza with such a great pleasure that took her name and gave considerable prestige to the simple and popular Neapolitan dish. Many years later it would become one of the most representative symbol of Italy in the world.

Today, in order to have all the taste of real Italian pizza margherita, CAD offers Progress Ovens for Pizzerias: the same quality of a product cooked in a wood oven, with running costs similar to those of gas ovens.

David Ovens have a capacity ranging from 4 to 16 pizzas per chamber (2 to 6 60x40 per room), they are composed of modular units, up to five chambers. Because of their ease of use and for their extreme reliability they are chosen by major Italian franchising.

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